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Forest City Roots 2023
Bank of Montreal (London ON Wonderland branch)

Commissioned by the Bank of Montreal financial Group, this mural was designed, in partnership with STEPS Public Art.


London ON blooms in the diversity of both its people and its greenery. For those of us lucky to call this city our hometown, the enchanting presence of plants and animals is the key ingredient to the feeling of warmth. This mural celebrates London's colourful wildlife and the communities that sustain it.  


Forest City Roots depicts the enchanted Forest City in its four seasons, centered around the Thames River, held up by an ever-growing diverse group of people. Each motif is carefully chosen: geese dominate this city in the spring, tortoises peep their heads out from the Thames in the summer, groundhogs treat whatever remains of our gardens like their dining tables in the fall, and there’s always deer crossing the streets in the winter.
"I see my hometown with a twinkle in my eye. I’m enchanted by each and every corner of this place. I have a whole treasure chest of experiences that are gems of pure nostalgia. With its perfect imperfections, London ON has held me in a warm embrace that let’s me be me."

All photos taken by Woodgate Photography ©

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