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This collection of pendants and chains is an extension of the surrealist symbolism in my work.
Wear a piece of the magic and keep it close to you.

Untitled_Artwork (3).gif
download 2.png

metal-encased resin pendant and 18" stainless steel chain with gold finish.

the moon is the silver orb of hope that illuminates our world when the sun sleeps. its movements inform the lives of earthlings in monumental ways.

blob blue2.png

metal-encased resin pendant and 18" stainless steel chain with gold finish.

the enigmatic blue moon. A blue moon isn't actually blue, but it's the moniker given to a second full moon in a single calendar month.

blue moon 3a.png
blue moon A pndant only.png
blue moon title 2.png
blue moon gifffff.gif
jewelled pom title.png
pom 2.png
pom alone.png
blob 7.png

brass pendant with 18K gold finish and zircon stones and18" stainless steel chain.
this piece is inspired by the regality of the pomegranate. The fruit that emanates opulence and fortitude.


(stud earrings also available!)

silver-encased pendant with semi-precious stone inlay and18" stainless steel chain.
the heart symbolizes emotion, and the pomegranate symbolizes vitality. this piece merges the two tropes to celebrate the vibrancy of human expression.

pom heart with chain.png
melting moon.gif
moon melt.png



stainless steel brooch.
the crescent moon shimmers and melts away into the night

meltin moon.png

silver-encased pendant with semi-precious stone inlay and 18" stainless steel chain.
an ode to the perfect balance of:
thinking with compassion and feeling with logic. 

Untitled_Artwork (2).gif
heart eye with chain.png
heart eye just pendant.png
blob 5.png

two silver-encased pendants with semi-precious stone inlay and two18" stainless steel chains. writing in metallic enamel.
share one side of your heart with your bestie. the Panjabi term 'ਖਾਸ ਦੋਸਤ' or 'kh
ās dost' means 'best friend.'

'ਖਾਸ' (kh
ās) means 'special,' and 'ਦੋਸਤ' (dost) means 'friend'.

bes friends just pendant.png
best firends with chain.png
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