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 studio august 2019


Keerat Kaur is a Canadian-born Artist & Architect (lic. OAA) with Sikh-Panjabi roots. Her work takes shape through the disciplines of painting, sculpture, writing, music, and architecture. Drawing inspiration from Sikh philosophies, she employs the art of metaphor and symbolism to revolutionize our relationship to nature and spirituality. Her aesthetic sensibility lies within a realm where the ordinary merges with the dreamlike.

Regardless of the chosen medium, Kaur’s work is firmly rooted in the written word, serving as a pivotal starting point. This characteristic lends her work a profoundly narrative and illustrative quality, as imagery and language seamlessly coalesce, enriching each other’s impact.

She completed her schooling in French Immersion, received her BA in 2012 (Western University) and her Master of Architecture in 2016 (U of T), while continuing her formal training in the Dhrupad and Khayaal schools of Indian Classical Music. Having a passion for languages, she is able to read, write and speak Panjabi, French, and Hindi. She is currently learning the Shahmukhi script and is studying the ancient language of Braj through the examination of historical Sikh texts. More recently, her work has contributed to the advancement of language-learning and preservation. Keerat currently lives and works between Vancouver, BC and Toronto-London, Ontario.

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Keerat began visually experimenting at an early age, inspired to give a pictorial dimension to written and oral histories passed down  from her elders. Her visual work has carried on a child-like whimsy, while becoming more heavily steeped in ancient narrative and enriched through meticulous ornamentation. She has exhibited internationally and has completed numerous private and public art commissions that have landed her pieces into the collections of well-renowned art collectors.


Keerat has performed around the globe through vocal recitals that combine her traditional learning with modern music production. Being an avid listener of folk and spiritual music from different cultures, Keerat's songs have naturally become home to a diverse set of riffs, instrumentals and note patterns. Her music has become an extension of her visual story-telling, and she continues to practice Gurbani Keertan and Panjabi folk.


As a licensed Architect, she has worked with reputable Architecture firms on commercial and residential projects across Southwestern Ontario. Her building science background has helped shape her career as an independent creative, and has instilled a diligence of technical refinement and iteration in her artistic output. She has also used this professional skill to explore the surreality of space, giving architectural materiality to her imagined narratives.

Keerat's work will continue to be centered around inclusivity (of race, gender, religion, class), historical preservation, and emotional empowerment




Public Clients include: Bank of Montreal, Apple Inc. Indian Heritage Centre-Singapore, Toronto Biennial, City of Toronto, Jaipur Literature Festival, Create Vancouver Society, Ghetts Limited OBO Little Simz, Kashi House Publishing, South Asian Canadian Histories Association and others.

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