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The Reach Gallery Museum, Abbotsford BC
October 2023 - January 2024

"Poetics of Vitality focuses on a selection of paintings, sculptures, and architectural drawings connected by their interpretations of three key symbolic motifs of Sikhism: the heart, the pomegranate, and the legendary horse named Nila. Pairings of two- and three-dimensional artworks—whose imaginative compositions tell stories drawn from ancient Sikh prose and the artist’s own writings—resemble sacred altars.

Perhaps her most conceptually ambitious work to date is Heart House, in which the tech
nical precision of architectural drafting collides with a surrealist sensibility to reimagines domestic spaces as vital and enchanting realms.

Poetics of Vitality is an invitation to enter, and immerse ourselves in, Kaur’s contemplative spaces, in which natural, built, and mystical worlds—real and imagined—seamlessly entwine.

(above text by curator Kelley Tialiou)

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